FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASE: Trace Formations DL Self-Released

FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASE: Trace Formations     DL   Self-Released

Simplistic and sparsely presented, this latest album by FAMD completely evades giving his tracks full titles and this in itself works within the concept of the album.

‘One’ chimes low reverberated harmonies and melds well with the grit of ‘Two’ and the sinister over tones of ‘Three’.  If anything, most of the tracks form a similar and functional formula that tie them altogether, therefore work in one sitting.  There is an analogue edge to the projects work that sits well with me.  The contrast between light and shade works well, with the job lot neither being too light, nor too dark; and therefore it’s remarkably easy on the ear as a whole.

If I have any criticism, it is that it all feels a touch too bare boned to carry much weight; and the entire release feels light it could just be rounded off with a few more layers to pad out the bottom end of the work on display.  However, as stated before, FAMD doesn’t make a bad stab at producing an inoffensive, easy to pick up and play release that doesn’t require hitting the stop button until its completion.


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