EZEKIAL HONIG: A Passage of Concrete LP Anticipate Recordings

EZEKIAL HONIG: A Passage of Concrete     LP   Anticipate Recordings

The title of this latest piece of work did mislead me somewhat.  I have never encountered the works of Ezekial Honig before; and becoming somewhat jaded by many a release of late, expected a mass of pointless noise and untreated field recordings, envisaged from the title of the album, alone.

Ezekial does utilise the sounds of crowded streets and natural hums from encountered environments; but his field recordings are just the foundation for gentle heartbeat thuds and emotive electronics.

Space and contemplation are his main strengths here.  Notes are stripped down to a bare singular minimum for clarity; and it is all too easy to become wrapped up in the hypnotic waves of wire-like ambience he has created.

Subtle and unobtrusive, ‘A Passage of Concrete’ is a journey into solitude and introspection; where the listener finds themselves walking through many of life’s passages, locked in their own personal bubble of harmonic downtempo contemplation.