ANTONYMES: There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay CD Hibernate


ANTONYMES: There Can Be No True Beauty Without Decay  CD Hibernate

Neat project from a label that has surprisingly gone under my radar; and opening up with some gloriously subtle piano work and glitching scratches of natural ambient really sets a great precedence for what is to come.

‘Strange Light’ follows on from the awakening of ‘Means of Escape’ in a much lighter fashion than is portrayed by the artwork surrounding this album.  I expected nothing but solid Dark Ambient, but was caught off guard by the sonic artistry portrayed with massive orchestral pads and accompanying air-tinged drones.

To further throw a spanner in my preconceptions, ‘Forever Without Hope’ carries on with the ranging drone-work and gives an undercurrent of sound that gives the impression that everything will explode in a torrent of beats; this never comes and is all the better for it, gentle and engaging from start to finish, Antonymes captures the heart and imagination in equal measure.

Yes, arguably Ian M. Hazeldine, never steps out of the safety net he creates for himself with this project, but I wouldn’t want him to either.  This is evocative mood music that occasionally stares in the mirror at the darker side of itself, whilst never forgetting to provide a lifeline of hope.  If truth-be-told, there is more than enough on this release to whet the appetites for those hungry for the more ambient releases that fall out of the n5md stable; and that in itself is impressive enough.