P.O.P.: Ikebana CD FMR

P.O.P.: Ikebana     CD   FMR

The promise of Violoncello, Electric Bass, French Horns, Piano and vocals with electronics, should excite many a music enthusiast.  Indeed, it did myself when reading the press blurb that accompanied this album. However, ‘Ikebana’, the second full-length release from P.O.P. (or Psychology of Perception) left me somewhat dumbfounded.

For the most part, the eight songs recorded here, sound like warm ups to the actual event.  Random stabs of musicianship, that lack direction or motivation permeate an album that occasionally drifts into noise and ambience; but lacking any gumption, or indeed structure of any kind.

Individually, the sources themselves have sparks of something that beg for a conductor to take the bull by the horns and give direction.  However, there is this overwhelming presence of a room full of musicians sat pumping out whatever they want in childish abandon, whilst someone else just destroys their output electronically.

The real shame in all of this, is that the individuals concerned, are most likely accomplished in their weapons of choice; and it all feels like a terrible waste.