KALIPO: Yaruto LP/CD Antime


KALIPO: Yaruto LP/CD Antime

Berlin based Kalipo is a fundamentally obscure project that pulls on some off kilter sound sources.   Opener ‘Embryo’ jolts to life the moment you hit play, with little to no build, as jangling bells and treated vocals make up the majority of the key hook, over the top of a simplistic monotone beat.

Jakob Häglsperger approaches his music partially from the Japanese IDM end of the spectrum (whether intentionally or not); and after a disappointing opener, ‘Lux’ chops, cuts and pastes child-like vocals expertly over a bed of dry beats and slicing beeps, fusing a tangled web of intrigue ridden electronica that is glorious to behold and wonderfully evocative.

Track three ‘Come’ infuses another element to Kalipo that is ultimately surprising. Gently tethered voices are dragged at the corners, as an emphatic synth explosion injects an aura of drama; reminiscent in some respects of the pad work of Deep Forest, but pandering more to the experimental electronics market.

If I didn’t think things could get any better, the title track is gloriously spacious and delicious foray into pop sensibilities that once again splice vocal work with cutting edge expertise. Utilising the aural equivalent of club aesthetics, voice and synth become one as sound breathes through the beats; and the effect literally set the hairs on the back of my neck standing upright.

I am lucky enough to have a lot of albums drop through my door to review and more often than not, many of them are clouded in insignificance to me on first impressions of the unassuming artwork and press sheet. ‘Yaruto’ was one of those albums that I picked up and didn’t expect much from; thus making the whole experience that more rewarding.