VENETIAN SNARES: Traditional Synthesizer Music 2xLP/CD Planet Mu / Timesig


VENETIAN SNARES: Traditional Synthesizer Music     2xLP/CD    Planet Mu / Timesig

Aaron Funk has always been guilty of saturating the market he resides in; with what seems to be a million and one releases to his name. The majority of his work is quality though with just a few rare duds to his name and that has to be commended.

This latest album does exactly what it says on the tin. Modular synthesizers are performed live, then treated and folded amongst a bed of breaks and beats; culminating in some of the most musical work I have come across in his lengthy career.

Funk has always been a law unto himself and a key component of his longevity is a haphazard and sporadic variation from album to album. ‘Traditional Synthesizer Music’ is by and large a less in your face and ultimately more tangible release that would also appeal to the more casual observer as well as the steadfast Snares diehard.

Complex, yet understated and less over the top than a lot of what we are used to, Aarons modular weapon of choice makes for a warming and pleasant array of tunes that display a new level of attention to harmonies, that are sometimes sorely lacking within his many breakcore assaults; and here the electronic bleeps and twangs are tinged with a poppy edge, displaying an entire new level of madness.

If anything, this latest output almost parallels Aphex Twin in his path to ‘Syro’, sound wise; and could quite well rank as one of Funk’s most accomplished and enjoyable collection of songs to date.