BIT-TUNER: A Bit of Light 2xLP/CD -Ous


BIT-TUNER: A Bit of Light   2xLP/CD -Ous

This is Bit-Tuner’s fifth full-length release along with a collection of EP’s and I am quite surprised at myself for not encountering his work before today.

Opening up with a mash-up of soundtrack washed pads, modern electronics with twang of slowed down Techno, ‘Ignition’ is an appropriate starting point for a first time listener, with it being an easy track to engage with one to one. Up next, the peculiar hip-hop/tribal hybrid of ‘The Call’, melds well with the following ‘Just’; a well-paced epic film score-like ensemble of futuristic pads with driving urban undertones.

From here on in, Bit-Tuner explores a whole plethora of electronic cultures and appears to have a firm grasp on how this varied meld of styles fits within his own bubble.   There is a distinct underlying Dubstep feel to the pace of the majority of the tracks, no less assisted with bass heavy drops. However, regardless of the multitude of genres I could throw in here, there is no denying that there is an undercurrent of sound here at he makes all his own; and that has to be applauded.

‘A Bit of Light’, is undeniably an eclectic mix of sounds that have been transformed into a more tangible listening experience. Overall, this adds to the mix, where in some cases it’s unnerving and unsettling; yet with just enough familiarity to appeal to the fringes of those that like their music a touch more commercial.