OXYD: Liveforms CD Aliens Production / Signifier

OXYD: Liveforms CD Aliens Production / Signifier

Leaning on the shoulders of an ambient soundtrack to film that has not yet been written, comes the altogether different side project of Tympanik Audio’s Disharmony.

If we are to believe the press blurb this was entirely recorded live (hence the title), and I applaud this approach to writing personally; it shows gusto and in some senses, quite daring if they haven’t altered any of recordings once laid down; this is a moot point though as what would be the rationale behind the concept of a live format otherwise?

I am a huge fan of ambient music when it is done well and it pleases me to say that ‘Liveforms’ ticks all the boxes needed to feed my monkey where this genre is concerned.  Dark Ambient plays a minor feature, which was surprising considering what others have said about this album; the aural landscape approaches the listener in an almost futuristic machine like fashion, with the focus more on an electronic, nay, industrial backdrop to a bleak horizon of torn down buildings and ravaged steel structures.

Attention to detail is key to the release; thematically this is sound as a whole and could be a bridge for those that tend not dare cross the gateway that leads to other genres of sound exploration; an engaging release that differs dramatically from previous works under this projects main moniker.