OFF WORLD: 1 LP/CD Constellation Records


OFF WORLD: 1       LP/CD Constellation Records

Throwing in a banjo, a viola, violins, a piano and harpsichord amongst a bed of electronics and drum machines is most likely easy for only a small few to envisage.  If anything the outcome for me was not a surprise; with the sound sounding mainly improvised.

The press release hints at real world accents that flow through a human display of alien electronics; and in some ways they’re not that far off the mark.  Occasionally there are some flirtations with sound that border on the Dark Ambient scale; and this of course is what I appreciated most.

However, as much as the music fits well with the bands name, this really was a little too far out for me; and so exploratory, that I felt it lost direction with each musician meandering off down their own paths.

Eccentric and somewhat daring in part I admit; but as a whole this feels just too self-absorbed, where you can’t help but feel these guys appreciate themselves just a little too much.