KID606: Happiness CD/LP Tigerbeat6


KID606: Happiness  CD/LP Tigerbeat6

Miguel De Pedro returns with his latest release; and as usual it’s impossible to tell before hitting ‘play’ as to what will flow from the speakers.  The album title pretty much sums it all up as whole, with an electronic mash up sounds that have that emulate the pompousness of Toto and Doobie Brothers, with a flair for emotive electronica such as The Orb; with a cheeky glint in his eye and tongue firmly pressed in his cheek, as always.

There has always been a child-like simplicity to Kid606’s work that should grate and irritate, but feels perfectly natural and is obviously intentional.  Somewhere deep within the playschool harmonies lies a base level grasp of real emotion that never fails to materialise and hit the listener at their core, awakening feelings that have been dormant since infancy.

Musically speaking this album differs little from ‘Lost in the Game’, which tapped into somewhat darker territory emotionally speaking.  But as tracks like ‘Happiness is a Warm Kitten’ and ‘Taco Time’ convey, this release comes from an altogether more joyful disposition and it’s almost impossible not to feel uplifted by this album as a whole.

Over 11 tracks, Kid606 takes us on a nostalgic journey that embraces all those fleeting moments that are all too easy to take for granted.    ‘Happiness’ is one of those releases that you can imagine listening to when you hit the twilight of your years and remembering the sunnier moments of your existence; appreciating the fact you had this chance at life and it wasn’t necessarily all bad.


MAGIC PANDA: Temple of a Thousand Lights Digital Download Tigerbeat6


MAGIC PANDA: Temple of a Thousand Lights  Digital Download Tigerbeat6

Apprehensive upon noting the name of the artist and the horrific artwork, I took some comfort in the fact that Magic Panda hails from Tigerbeat6, the same home of the excellent Kid606.

Jamie Robson hits the listener with euphoria within seconds of opening number ‘Tokyo’; a driving and upbeat collage of harmonious and infectious sounds, over layered pads and beats that drive images of time lapsed traffic speeding through a neon metropolis.

‘A Perfect Circle’ couldn’t be anymore the opposite of its opening counterpart; slowing the pace somewhat, there is a touch of IDM before evolving into overly enthusiastic electronica.  It’s hard to not like Magic Panda, but the choice of VST’s utilised left a lot to be desired personally as this track progressed.

‘Day’s are Numbered’ brings a return to form with a bass line reminiscent of early Bitcrush sound wise.  What truly sets this song alive is the key attention to straight-forward evocative harmonies that sets hairs standing on end once the chorus pads come into play, with a tune you simply cannot get out of your head.

IDM plays it’s part once more with personal favourite, ‘Mothlight’, drifting at a languid pace as lower end pads are filtered through raindrop-covered windows.  As everything speeds up trance elements are thrown against the glass panes providing cracks for the water to seep through and if you shut your eyes, the true magic of this track is its ability to send you to this place as witness to those events.

Overall, ‘Temple of a Thousand Lights’ draws on a lot of far eastern exponents of the genre, especially when it comes to sound.  This latest release does have elements that let it down occasionally, but in some respects these odd moments of frailty add to the monumental elation you feel when Robson is at the top of his game; luckily for us, this happens to be for the majority of this albums output.


KID606: Lost in the Game CD Tigerbeat6

KID606: Lost in the Game  CD Tigerbeat6

The titles may be humorous on this latest album but a heck of it is a lot darker musically, none more so evident on the opening ‘Godspeed You African American Emperor’.  With an initial chuckle at the nod to the 500-piece (or so it appears) artist this title parodies, what is immediately apparent is a more adult environment Miguel has conjured up, with spacious, futuristic ambient and emotional electronica.

Nothing is lost in transition as the air like pads filter through into the wonderful ‘Gimme Summer’, a gloriously warm simplistic jaunt that massages the coldest of hearts with a plethora of clouds gliding past a September sunlit sky.

When I say darker, it’s blatantly obvious that 606 has produced this album from an inkier place, where his thoughts have leaned somewhat towards contemplation.  There is a feeling somewhere within the realms of this release that Miguel is looking back on what might have been, or that he has lost something or someone close to him; either way, the end result is something truly special.

Whilst being comprised of nothing but electronics from start to finish, thematically speaking this could be shelved next to the majority of output from say, Christian Fennesz, with a filtered quality that dissolves sound out of the speakers, rather than slices.

What is telling, is that a lot of past listeners of Kid606 might not initially take to heart what is on offer here.  Indeed Miguel apologises for the alternate path he has chosen on this album within the sleeve notes.  I don’t thoroughly understand the need to make any such justification, as in all honesty we are all human and we all travel various pathways on this journey we call life; it’s only natural that somewhere along the way we encounter transitional experiences such as this.  ‘Lost in the Game’, is a thoroughly enjoyable adult affair, from start to finish.


KID606: LSDMTB303 Digital Download EP Tigerbeat6

KID606: LSDMTB303  Digital Download EP Tigerbeat6

Bizarre release names aside, Kid606 has been on the circuit for many years providing listeners with generous warm electronic music that flirts with many an influence pretty much producing what he likes and the upshot of this is that he has a wide appeal.

This latest instalment carries on with a broad range of styles no less; shoegazing, spacey electronics crossing paths with emotional simplistic child-like pads and rhythm sections that teeter into hip-hop territory.

There’s an element of rave like simplicity on this release that occasionally rears its head and this EP comes from a happier place no doubt.  There is an almost revelation aspect to this that gives the listener the impression that whilst all isn’t great in the world, there is always something to smile about and ‘LSDMTB303’ is the narcotic to cement the notion of this feeling.

Heart warming, playful, bedroom electronica that whilst is minimalistic in scientific construction as one would expect, is all the better for not baffling us with the obvious skill this artist possesses and a decent, enjoyable precursor for the impending full-length ‘Lost in the Game’ due later this year.