MULLLR: Workers CD Progressive Form/Comfortzone


MULLLR: Workers   CD   Progressive Form/Comfortzone

This fourth full-length release from Japan’s Ryuta Mizkami moves on from the ambient leanings of previous works to concentrate on beats and glitches, moulded into an IDM slant.

Opener, ‘And the World’s…’ is a scattered and broken affair, where clusters of rhythms sporadically blast through the speakers over a sea of pads. The same can be said for the following ‘And Late Rising’, albeit with a touch more cohesion.

Over the course of 21 tracks, there are momentary excursions into Breakbeat, intersected with rhythmic noise. However, there is the tendency to lose form and function along the way and Mizkami forgets all too often that he has all the tools required to produce great music.

Where Mulllr as a project excels, is the ability to provide tone and pitch top great effect. His ambient skills remind me of a live split 3” I regularly play from Fennesz and Rosy Parlane, whose atmosphere with a sense of space and positioning, take the listener to a projected headspace. I just wish though, that he had concentrated his efforts more on these talents; as the disjointed glitches wear the listener down through over-use (and I am actually a fan of the medium).

Overall though, ‘Workers’ does provide something a touch different from Ryuta, displaying a sense of gusto and daring, which has to be admired.