RAOUL SINIER: Welcome To My Orphanage CD Good Citizen Factory


RAOUL SINIER: Welcome To My Orphanage   CD Good Citizen Factory

After ten years of producing electronic music we have the culmination of all his hard work with his latest release, ‘Welcome To My Orphanage’: displaying all the talent within his arsenal.

‘Entrance’ is just that; gloriously huge beats walk hand in hand with gliding electronics and punching pad work, like some grandiose opener at the world’s largest rock opera.  The following ‘A Million Years’ is lighter than expected and approaches from an unexpected angle, with harmonious vocal lines, rock aesthetics and church organ keys.

The offbeat ‘The Good Ones’ is suitably off-key with slightly out of tune vocalisations crooning over stumbling rhythmical beats and space age pad work that soars along like a disjointed War of the Worlds soundtrack.  There is a pomp and circumstance about the opening three numbers, which takes balls to apply and present to the world; and for that alone I applaud Sinier.

There is an indie flair to this latest album, as presented with ‘Empty Shell’, almost as if Raoul wants to let go of his electronic tag altogether.  The vocals are evidently weak, but sound intentional and for all their misgivings, work within the objectives he has clearly set for himself.

Musically there is no doubt to the underlying talent Sinier has; the production is excellent and more often than not, there are some amazing amalgamations of electronica on this album that he has dared fold into a more commercial tag, even if it does lack consumer allure.

‘Analogue Shit’ is the highlight of this release and a true gem that is well worth waiting for.  Robotic, cute vocals rap and drawl over the anthemic, futuristic pads that emotionally tear at the heart strings whilst a sturdy beat holds it all together.  In a way there are two sides to Raoul Sinier and the inclusion of this track should seem out of place, but it doesn’t.

‘Welcome To My Orphanage’ isn’t going to sit well with everyone.  Died heard electronica purists are most likely going to abhor it, whilst it’s a little too obscure for those who prefer something more straight forward or with a wider appeal.  However, there is no doubt to the skill with which he has applied himself on this latest album and scoring should reflect as such.