COLUMN ONE: Cindy, Lorraine & Hank 2xLP/2xCD 90% Wasser/Zoharum


COLUMN ONE: Cindy, Lorraine & Hank 2xLP/2xCD 90% Wasser/Zoharum

Founded in Berlin 1991, Column One as a project, have always been a bit hit and miss in my opinion. This most likely comes from the varying degree of members who have joined the core crew of Rene Lamp and Robert Schalinski along the way; and definitely has something to do with the styles additional parties have brought to the table.

The bare bone of this latest, in a long list of releases, is a prime slab of Musique Concréte. A genre that in all honesty, produces nothing but art wank bullshit. Admittedly it can be listenable when done well; but it really is a nonsense that it provides anything other than a platform for the talentless and pretentious.

I am being a tad unfair. It would be misguided of me to consider that Column One don’t know what they’re doing; CO are after all, near legendary. There are momentary glimpses of form on this latest release too, with flutters of ambience and drone that make an all too brief, yet welcome appearance along the way.

However, there’s no getting away fro the fact that there simply isn’t much to actually listen to on this album bar a collection of random noises and immature kazoo meanderings. I would go so far to say, that with so much talent at their disposal there is zero reason as to why this album should have been 10 years in the making. The upshot is, that ‘Cindy, Lorraine & Hank’ is actually, pointless, pathetic dribble.