BY THE WATERHOLE: Two CD Playdate Records


BY THE WATERHOLE: Two   CD Playdate Records

This is Eva Pfitzenmaier’s second full-length album under this banner and is a peculiar one at that.  Crossing a variety of sounds pulled from Jazz, Pop and Blues, she improvises these with loops with a surprising cohesiveness that just stops short of everything falling apart.

The key strength to Eva’s work is her vocal capabilities.  When she sits down on her work, her voice is uniquely sublime, working at its best over piano.  With a sound that occasionally flirts with dance (through appropriately different instrumentation, of course), you never know just where the album is going; but this is the plus that keeps the listener on their toes.

I do struggle with a lot of improvised music, because for the most part, it is usually a tremendous waste of time in the listening stakes; and I often find it really aggravating.  By The Waterhole as a project though, rarely step over the line of irritation; and this saw me get through the album with relative ease.

‘Two’ is one of those oddities that should appeal to a fair few people, with enough madness to satiate the arty installation pipe smoking corduroy wearers, to people who genuinely love a great singer.  Not exactly to my tastes, but I do appreciate the effort and talent that went into this.