PARZIVAL: Urheimat Neugeburt LP/CD/DL Mighty Music/Season of Mist

PARZIVAL: Urheimat Neugeburt       LP/CD/DL    Mighty Music/Season of Mist

I have been a fan of Parzival since being taken to see them live in Denmark by my friend many years ago; and after a string of impressive releases in their prolific musical career, they still tick all the boxes.

With this latest album, this Russian/Danish collective produce a dramatic display of Metal infused structures; that once again touch on bombastic classical influences, with martial overtones.

I will address this now for the detractors out there.  Yes, Parzival are always going to be compared to Laibach; and that will be down to the vocal style of Dimitirij Bablevskij, who could be picked up and dropped straight into Mute’s finest at a drop of a hat and no one would know the difference.  I personally have no issue with a band that sound so similar in many a respect, especially when they’re this good; and musically speaking they have carved their own path, so who cares really?

‘Urheimat Neugeburt’ is a huge album when the volume is cranked up; and simply put, there isn’t a bad track on this from start to finish (and who can say that about every Laibach release?).  The production is second to none, with undercurrents of electronic programming to fill out the gaps left by consummate guitar playing and orchestral operatic stabs, rounded out with a glorious array of female choral vocals.

Simply put; Parzival once again have not put a foot wrong, with a professional and surprisingly musical album that captures the listener with every beat, growl and chord.