MYTRIP: Filament LP/MC Amek


MYTRIP: Filament       LP/MC   Amek

Bulgaria’s Mytrip combine a wealth of range driven Dark Ambient and drones with field recordings and attention to pitch black resonance.  Opener, the suitably titled ‘All Black’, is just that; filtering into the wiry ‘Fibre Mask’, which introduces a simplistic beat to carry the throbs and scratches of sound with purpose.

‘Dust’, lures the listener into a false sense of security with near friendly tones of lighter tinged ambient; and is complimented in turn by the almost upbeat rhythm of ‘Lustre’, where notes slide and dance along the subtle padded beat.  The chamber echoes of ‘Adaptive’; provide air to the release, as a bed of gristly PE tinged undercurrents give a solid foundation foundation.  As the no fuss drone of ‘Soft/Outer’ hummed the album to a close, I was left thoroughly satisfied with this fine body of work.

I’ve not heard of the Amek collective label before now; but if this is an example of the quality of work they produce, then I shall be eager to hear future output.  I also love the old school formats of this release; on just vinyl and cassette; it takes me back a few years.