A ghostly apparition of audio reminiscent of the sort of soundtrack accompanying the end of the world opens up this self-titled collection of songs from Danish producer Jonas Munk and Jason Kolb.

The ambience that flows on these nine tracks never darkens, but glides along with subtlety and grace, almost as if you are looking through a semi-opaque sheet placed over a window to the outside world.  Billow Observatory; provide a gentle and moving partner to life in slow motion.

An interesting side note to the ambience is that whilst you could be fooled into believing that the majority of this is created with synth, a lot of the effects are created with guitar drones and whilst these are treated with software, the knowledge of this is no less impressive than the output itself.

The only negative I can draw from this album is that unfortunately, variation is lacking somewhat over the entire experience; the nine songs on offer differ marginally and could have been done in one take.  However, if relaxation is your thing and you desire a momentary break from the bustling torment life throws at you, I could think of far worse things than spending an afternoon alone with this on your turntable.