OLIVIA LOUVEL: Data Regina CD Cat Werk Imprint


OLIVIA LOUVEL: Data Regina         CD       Cat Werk Imprint

As a concept, this latest piece of work from French born, British composer Olivia Louvel, is an interesting one.  Basing ‘Data Regina’ on the exploration of the reign of two Queens ruling at the same time, upon the same isle (Mary Queen of Scots & Elizabeth I); Louvel has provided 17 compositions, through a series of different narratives and sounds.

Above all else, the vocals on this album are sublime; and ooze across the tracks with a dripping seduction.  Musically, a variety of instrumentation has been utilised alongside electronic programming; and many a base is covered as orchestral sensibilities dance across gritty noise and ambience.

To simply say this album is haunting would do it a disservice.  Olivia’s voice has carefully been layered into a series of ghostly chants along the way, as various key elements of her vocal lines have been dropped in as instrumentation and notes; the best example of this being ‘Good Queen Bess’.

Many a genre is crossed, from downtempo IDM, through to straightforward electro; and the odd nod to pure industrial, scoured with pop.  To top this all off, visitors to her website will encounter a showcase of 3D animations from Antoine Kendall to coincide with this release.

Overall, ‘Data Regina’ feels remarkably original, highly polished; and well thought out.  The music itself has a little of something for everyone and I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to dip their toes into something with an aura of pure class.