RABBIT JUNK: Reframe CD Full Effect Records

RABBIT JUNK: Reframe CD Full Effect Records

There is a lot I should fundamentally hate about this CD, there really is,ut, for some reason I cannot bring myself to do it no matter how hard I try.

Let me get this straight.  Power-pop-punk-pop-power-punk or whatever you bloody wanna call it is awful rubbish.  Emo whinging, whining is pathetic rubbish and RJ have this in abundance.  BUT…  let me state why I let all this slide.

Opener ‘Demons’ kicks in mightily with break-core like drums and heavy guitars.  Good start, in fact a really good start.  Then it slides to this power pop punk stuff that immediately made me cringe;  the whiny vocals are then replaced by what can only be described as ‘Emperor’ doing the theme tune to ‘The Phantom Menace’.  I like Emperor.

Then it suddenly warms to you with its madness, pure madness… 3 or four different styles thrown together in one song; simply put, brilliant.  Because while you pull a face for two seconds, in another two you will have devils horns out and thinking about burning churches down.

The album is pretty much like this all the way through.  Styles from everywhere are thrown into the affray, and yeah there is a little too much of the shite whining going on with the worlds crappiest lyrics; but the genius of heavy guitars to death metal to breakcore to digital hardcore just cannot let you turn off the disc.  You are genuinely intrigued as to what’s next and the good parts heavily outweigh anything terrible.

Whether this one- man project is pretentious and trying too hard, or whether it’s genius has to be up to the individual.  I just can’t help like it, even if it bothers me to say so.