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All reviews by Tony Young.

I have been reviewing albums since the mid 90′s in various publications.  I also supply reviews to some online music stores.

Some reviews on here new or old have been published at one time or another on other zines, or soon will be as well as here.  These are not all the reviews I have ever done, some were in print, some were lost with sites that have disappeared.

You want something reviewing?

BEFORE YOU GET IN TOUCH- THERE ARE RULES: If a product is only released as a Digital Download then I will review from this format.  If your release is on a hard copy as well, I require this to review.  I get a LOT to review and constant downloading and burning (I like playing music on my Hi-Fi) is a pain in the neck; this is a hobby and reviews take time.  I understand costs, but I have only so many hours in the day.  If you mail me links to download and the release actually has a hard copy (CD/LP), I will delete the link.  If you just add me to a mailing list and never actually get in touch, I will remove myself from the list (I was brought up with manners).

Please note:  By sending me a hard copy you are agreeing that this shall not be sent back to the sender; is mine to keep and do with as I wish, whilst still respecting any copyright laws.

Contact: autoclav1.1 (at) gmail (dot) com