MODULATE: Detonation CD Infacted

MODULATE: Detonation  CD   Infacted

Being completely honest it will be of no surprise nowadays that I completely abhor any form of modern dance-floor driven 4-4 EBM inspired synthesizer music, so it’s always a challenge when given something of this ilk to review.  Luckily, my personal tastes cast-aside, Detonation isn’t a bad pill to swallow.

All round good egg Geoff Lee has been making waves with his Modulate project and on first listen it’s easy to see why this has been on constant club rotation.

After a short intro things kick ff with ‘Buzzsaw’, which is carried along with electronics not sounding too dissimilar to…well, a buzzing saw.  Things fold from track to track in the standard 4-4 format and when it works, there doesn’t seem any real need to change this formula and more power to Lee for giving the kids what they want and enjoying himself in the process.

With criticism I really fell there is a lack of something that I feel is vital to a project such as this.  For me personally there is an over use of samples, where proper gut wrenching vocals would add a new depth and perception of power that I feel is sorely needed with music in this genre;  an over sense of space where you can’t help but feel a little empty, like an open field where the gate hasn’t been properly shut.  Vocals would really gel a lot of this album together; but then again this is a personal preference.

A cover of The Prodigy’s ‘No Good’ is presented on the album and is well constructed, hopefully with the legal blessing of XL Recordings  and also ‘Skullfuck’ is included in its original format;  ‘Raising Lucifer’ gives us a taste of those missing vocals I was after, sounding a little close to The Prodigy again in part musically.

This is a tidy debut, a little short considering this is only 7 new tracks if you remove the intro, ‘No Good’ and the previously released and afore-mentioned ‘Skullfuck’, so a few more numbers wouldn’t have gone a miss in today’s credit crunch value for money society;  but all in all this should keep people happy and wouldn’t be out of place on your shopping list if you are a fan of Faderhead or Combichrist, holding up well against them musically speaking.