CENOTYPE: Origins CD Hive Records

CENOTYPE: Origins CD Hive Records

Cenotype is a one man project active for years in the scene even if this, his first official release has just seen the light of day through the quality driven Hive Records.

‘Origins’ is a professionally constructed powernoise album hitting the genre from a danceable and commercial approach that has been utterly torn apart with the incessent rage and essence of power electronics, it’s not rocket science, but it doesn’t need to be.

A healthy (?) blend of dark ambience soars throughout the backdrop of the album glueing the tracks together;  it’s this rich  paste that solidifies the album as one and this release works best as a whole rather than the sum of its parts. The only downside to this is of course that the album does not dare stray from it’s chosen path and this could be too much for those who want variation.

A brutal, rich and promising debut.  Does exactly what it states on the tin.



PROMETHEUS BURNING: Nboyde Rarepi CD Hive Records

PROMETHEUS BURNING: Nboyde Rarepi CD Hive Records

Here we have PB’s interim filler whilst working on their studio follow up to 2006’s rather popular ‘Beyond Repair’.

Predominantly, this is a remix album, apart from opener (the unreleased ‘Battery Drain’), and with this, PB are further driving it home just what a valuable commodity they are to the scene (Its not often you get a remix album out  straight after your debut).

There are some artists of decent stature remixing on here from the likes of Iszoloscope, Scrap.edx and Fanny, to some lesser heard of acts and all put in a credible effort at breaking, stripping and rebuilding PB’s abrasive sound.

PB for me are one of those acts you stick on before going out. Their visceral incendiary distorted beats are pretty much a sure fire detonator for kicking off your night.  ‘Nboyde Rarepi’ surprisingly however, seems tamed down and leashed in comparison and certainly isn’t the kick in the teeth I expected.

Lets just say it’s one of those interesting stocking fillers with enough high moments to keep the odd DJ happy and those people out there who seem to gorge on as many different versions they can get of a track as is humanly possible.


EDGEY vs DEPTH ERROR:The Abuse Technique CD Hive Records

EDGEY vs DEPTH ERROR:The Abuse Technique CD Hive Records

Seven tracks each, intermingled in conflict and collaboration, Edgey and Depth Error are here to give you a ride through psychosis.  This is an entertaining and disturbing journey that just like a roller-coaster makes you feel at ease one minute, only to throw you around the next.

Drum n’ bass features heavily I the mix which is no surprise whatsoever to me considering Edgey’s past output.  Having not heard of Depth Error it was nice to see he is more than a match for his cohort in every single way.

There isn’t really much to separate them in style though, and that’s my only real complaint as there isn’t any real variation;  it’s straight D n’ B breaks with flows of twisting ambience and noise for good measure.  A ‘made to win’ formula however that should please many a dance floor no matter which track is chosen.

For that alone its certainly a credible release.  I would have liked to have seen a collaboration between two entirely different artists however.  Entertaining, but lacking a little on validity stakes if you want something truly different.