TERRORFAKT: The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself 2xCD Industrial Strength

TERRORFAKT: The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself 2xCD Industrial Strength

Sounds about right Terrorfakt being released on a label such as Industrial Strength.  Very fitting indeed.  TFAOKY is basically a collection of well known tracks, with a bonus CD of remixes by some of the scenes best and up and comers, movers and shakers.

There’s an essential simplicity to Terrorfakt that gets straight to the point, much in the same way a lot of Brooklyn acts, be it hardcore, right through to this genre that is both blunt and necessary. If you are a fan of this scene long-stayer you are gonna have the majority of disc one in your collection anyway; if you have never heard of them before you are going to get a straight and fine introduction to Terrorfakt with ‘Welcome to Hell’ right through to disc one closer ‘Corrupt’.

Disc two is where you get some pretty decent mixes from the likes of Cervello Elettronico to Scrap.edx to Iszoloscope to Edgey.  A pretty diverse range of artists who pretty much stamp themselves over each track with gusto.

Value for money this certainly is, and as said previously this is a fine piece of completist material for the collector and a decent introduction to those who have not encountered them yet.