MIRT: Vanishing Land CD BDTA


MIRT: Vanishing Land     CD BDTA

‘Vanishing Land’ was originally intended to be a series of three EP’s, as Poland’s Tomek Mirt had three collections of tracks that told a different story. However, for whatever reason, he has released these as one full album, which works, as artists often see more to the story than is immediately evident to the listener.

Arrays of experimental electronics cascade throughout this release; and are carried along on a bed of gloopy ambient and field recordings (which all too often have their own intermittent moment in the limelight).   When Mirt steers away from utilising this genre and concentrates on pads and instrumentation, it does become a touch more emotive and rewarding.

Flirting between chaos and order is the skill at which Mirt works best; and ‘Vanishing Land’ is a fine example of this. One moment there is calm, then madness ensues as the storm takes hold; and it’s the frenetic construction that ensues boredom never sets in.

As a whole, the works of Mirt will not be for everyone, but for the avid experimentalist out there, much can be derived from this album as a starting point and introduction to his work.