ENCOMIAST: S/T CD Lens Records

ENCOMIAST: S/T CD Lens Records

After a long, productive career we get the re-masters and re-edits of early and unreleased recordings from this prolific aphotic ambient act of whom I happen to be a fan.  Okay, in all fairness I don’t see Encomiast as dark as many of their contemporaries;  solemn and cold would be a better description.  If you were to write a back drop to arctic wastes and winter summers this would be it, such is the impression of desolation.

Encomiast have that knack of using the most simple of sounds and creating soundtrack ambience that is as evocative as it is to the point with subtle, layered drones and soft pads, that enrich as much as they leave you cold.  In a genre dominated by labels such as Cold Meat Industry, it’s nice to see the underdogs shining through again with thought provoking cinematic semblance and an aural bridge between conscious thought and torpid winter ridden dream states. Great stuff, purchase at all costs.