KINK GONG: Voices LP Discrepant


KINK GONG: Voices   LP Discrepant

Laurent Jeanneau has been creating music thematically surrounding endangered South East Asian minorities since the early 90’s.  Sourced form field recordings this didn’t bode well for my tastes, as I find music of this ilk for the most part, irritating.

‘Baozoo Khen’ opens up the album with ethnic vocals, that whilst are harmonic, really do grate the nerves somewhat.  Slowly, rising tones of instrumentation apply a long drone as the voices layer over each other; once I got my head out of my hands, I skipped the rest of the track before I was driven homicidal.

The ethnic instrumentation on ‘Voices’ reminds me of some of the works produced by Tibetan monk botherer, Z’ev.  Chimes and bells, people wrapped in hessian blankets tapping goatskin drums (or so it sounds) and warbling vocals and chants.  To be honest, Kink Gong does tend to have more focus to its work, but it’s still enough to make me want to head-butt a wall until I pass out.

Parts of this do lean towards an older industrial slant and these are the saving grace of this latest long-player.  I am sure there is something in this for those that seem to think they’re attaining a higher plain when they trance out to a lot of this genre, so in part this has ticked all the boxes on what it’s set out to achieve; not one for me however.