PORYA HATAMI: Shallow CD Tench


PORYA HATAMI: Shallow  CD Tench

Subtle field recordings are blended into droning ambience, giving rise to a pleasant unobtrusive start to this three-track album.  Attention has been paid to ever so slight higher harmonies; that offset against lower ranges allowing for more organic instrumentation to gel everything cohesively.

Given the nature of this release, the three songs on offer can be played out as a whole with little to break them apart.  On the other side of the coin they do work well individually; but with minimal differences between them, they do get lost as sole items, where the journey is best experienced as a whole.

Subtle glitches, ranging degrees of sound, plucking harmonics and airy pads allow the listener space to breathe and soak up all elements that make up ‘Shallow’ as a whole, providing one of the more pleasant listens that has dropped through my letterbox of late.  Whilst this won’t set the world on fire, it’s a safe bet that this would please the majority of folk who listen to this genre habitually.  Porya Hatami has created here, the musical equivalent of sat watching apple blossom fall in an enclosed garden without any other worldly distractions.