ALESSIO RICCIO: NINSHUBAR From the Above and Below CD Unorthodox Recordings


ALESSIO RICCIO: NINSHUBAR From the Above and Below CD Unorthodox Recordings

I had little to work with press wise with this release and a lot of the site press isn’t in English. However, Riccio is a drummer first and foremost that utilises experimental sounds and field recordings mashing everything up electronically into a Jazzed up fusion of mental states.

From start to finish I searched (enthusiastically at first) to find anything resembling an actual song to listen to. My ears were met with an array of bells and whistles, clanging and clattering, cut up vocal lines and confusing hits on snares and cymbals and I found myself skipping through endless amounts of disjointed drivel.

Undoubtedly, Riccio has spent many an hour producing this release and it’s plain to see the effort involved when you search his website. The problem arises when someone overstates his or her worth; and in this case, this release is over-thought out nonsense that I wanted to stamp on.