SILK SAW: Imaginary Landscapes CD Kotä


SILK SAW: Imaginary Landscapes   CD Kotä

It’s been literally years since I listened to Brussels’ Silk Saw. In fact, the last album I have by them is the excellent ‘4th Dividers’ on the Ant-Zen label; and by and large they just disappeared off my radar for no real reason. Nine years have passed since their tenth album ‘Prestation’ and I have to ask myself many a question as to why I have paid this duo so little attention over the past few years.

Opener, ‘Lonely Planet’ is a surreal, sinister array of grinding electronics over orchestration and glitched beats. Ghostly, engaging and thought provoking, the track twists and turns with unnerving ease; leading seamlessly into the dark and desperate ‘Torment for Some People is a Need’.

Silk Saw occasionally flirt with their past glories and allow for familiarity with the staple that once made Germany’s Ant-Zen sit up and take notice. Rhythmic noise patters throughout the nightmarish landscape on more than one occasion, but sparsely enough as not to pigeonhole the outfit into what has become a frankly dull exercise from an over saturated market.

From start to finish, ‘Imaginary landscapes’ provides many inky black nook and cranny to dwell in, with just the right amount of rhythmic interplay as to not become bogged down in its own indulgences.