CONURE: Stream CD Edgetone Records

CONURE: Stream CD Edgetone Records

You are either gonna get this or you are not.  I for one was initiated into Conure a long time ago when I witnessed their visceral, albeit rather short set in the States.  I have my momentary monkey on my shoulder that likes things experimental and noisy and occasionally it needs feeding; Conure fit the bill right here because it aint quiet or pleasant at all.  Good.

From the off this is an organically noisy and sometimes necessarily messy gritty animal that is as filthy as it is precise.  Layer upon layer of field recordings whir and hum in the background with crunching grinding electronics that squelch and to the untrained ear this would appear pointless;  my ears are pretty much up to sketch on this approach.

Just when it all starts crashing, at the point where even I start to teeter off attention wise Mark Wilson grabs my ears with ‘Sycan’ which throws in a warm ambient tone which fills out the blistering just where it’s needed the most, at it’s make or break stage where you just might have had enough.

This is pretty much the angriest I have heard Mark and whilst I may have preferred his debut release from some time ago there is a lot to be said for having those moments when you want to let it all go and see what it sounds like when you hit a wasps nest with a baseball bat (with added screaming at the realisation at what you have just done), for the sheer fuck of it no less.


15 DEGREES BELOW ZERO: Resting on A CD Edgetone Records

15 DEGREES BELOW ZERO: Resting on A CD Edgetone Records

I have to say I was a massive fan of ‘Under a Morphine Sky’, which was beautifully bleak and attention grabbing and its quite nice to see how things have evolved from there to now with this trio’s latest release.

The best words I can use when listening to 15dbz is ‘sound sculpture’, because that exactly what this is;  taking the organic and electronic, then evolving it into form;  sometimes ambient, sometimes noisy and for most of the time, both.

There is an overlying hum to this album, a rich drone that seems to flow as the base to a lot of the tracks occasionally rising and lifting the ambient quality of this act to the maximum atmosphere;  cold and warm in equal measure with the occasional momentary feeling of being lost at a crossroads, not knowing which route to take with the feeling of desperation reaching a peak when you realise you have taken the wrong path and there is no going back.

Without doubt there is a lot about 15dbz which will not appeal to just anyone such is their eclectic nature, even for myself some of the tracks do appear a little over lengthy in part and there was the odd occasion where I wanted them to hurry up somewhat.  Taking that into account however with a lot of patience there is a lot on this release to sink your teeth into for the discerning ambient and noise fan alike and is value for money in the process.