ASMUS TIETCHENS: Parergon CD Stille Andacht


ASMUS TIETCHENS: Parergon   CD  Stille Andacht

Germany’s Tietchens has been ridiculously prolific throughout the years, as his massive discography will attest to.  Playing around with electronics can be an enduring affair; and he has done mightily well to add longevity to his musical career.

‘Parergon’ is a sparse affair, make no mistake; and silence plays as much a part in its construction as does the noises on offer.  Echoing solitary drones are occasionally joined by what I presume are field recordings and DIY electronic wires of sound; and you have a degree of patience to sit this one out as an entire experience.

As quiet an affair as this is, it doe have an ethereal undertone that gives it a ghostly apparition-like edge. I t’s this background special awareness that allows it to unnerve the listener as it sinks under the skin.

Primarily though, this is an album that has a very limited audience.  Only aficionados of the genre will truly appreciate this, where the line between absolute twaddle and well accomplished is very fine indeed; luckily, this falls into the latter.