WE WAIT FOR THE SNOW: Lullabies From Our Dreams CD Finalmuzik

WE WAIT FOR THE SNOW: Lullabies From Our Dreams CD Finalmuzik

We Wait for the Snow have tracks which could be immediately pigeon-holed into one direction or genre on a song by song basis, but have had the foresight to place all these styles on one release therefore eliminating any banality there would be from making a one track album as such.

Take for instance the difference between tracks one to three; track one being a solidly ambient intro and as respectable as it is you have that longing for something more which luckily throws you into track two ‘Forgotten Lovers’ with its rich acoustic guitar and is undeniably going to be penned as something not too dissimilar to ‘Of The Wand and The Moon’ with all its earthly Neo-Folk respectabilities.  Track three ‘Forgotten Lovers’ is almost psychedelic in its delaying guitar splendour giving the impression you are somewhere underwater with wave after wave of rich tones flowing over you.

I love the rich Hammond Organ sound on ‘Centre of Wood’ that has a distinctly old European feel to it without drifting down the ridiculous path that a lot of artists that toy with this do;  it’s other worldly as well and just has something I can’t nail down no matter how hard I try.

I am more than impressed with the way WWFTS use organic instruments and field recordings and fold the ingredients into an altogether different mix that is strangely familiar but has a path of its own.  Engaging, odd and warmly pleasing all at the same time.