REINHOLD FRIEDL: Golden Quinces, Earthed for Spatialised Neo-Bechstein CD Bochian Records


REINHOLD FRIEDL: Golden Quinces, Earthed for Spatialised Neo-Bechstein   CD Bochian Records

Now there’s an album title that just flows off the tongue. Reinhold Friedl has produced many collaborations and solo releases in his time, with his main instrument of choice being that of the piano.

A Neo-Bechstein is an electric piano built circa 1929/1930 and here he has acquired one of the last remaining few and proceeded in provided one long 55 minute album. The sound of the Bechstein relies mainly on pick-ups and its own amplification; and culminates in an echoing, almost ghostly reverberation.

Now, if truth-be-told; some of this (especially mid-way through the release) provides a solid slab of Dark Ambient that I thoroughly appreciated. However the failing in this experiment lies in the majority of the track outright, where the noise through the speakers is just a wailing mess of groans, akin to recording rusted railings and gates as they hang off their hinges in a gale force wind.

Without any other instrumentation, Friedl (for all kudos for attempting this) falls short on producing anything that any person in their right mind could sit down and digest without covering their ears. Again for me, there are too many albums being released out there that make little to no sense on hard copy, when there are other talents out there that are being sorely looked over.