LUCRECIA DALT: Ou LP Care Of Editions


LUCRECIA DALT: Ou         LP   Care Of Editions

Pulling on the works of New German Cinema, the direct filmic qualities have naturally filtered through to this, Dalt’s latest album, ‘Ou’. Indeed, as a reference point, she turned her studio into a screening room for the medium, drawing on influences from directors such as Helke Sander and Werner Schroeter.

There is a gentility to Lucrecia’s work that makes it immediately listenable and approachable. This is no mean feat considering the array of obscure noises and abstract oddities that she samples; however, this is offset with cherub like harmonies that draw on sub-IDM influences, allowing the cryptic noises to become more perceptible.

The last album I listened to by Lucrecia was the fantastic ‘Syzygy’; and in a lot of respects this latest album follows on from that slab of excellence. ‘Ou’ requires a touch more patience as it plays out as one long track if you let it (a little bit harder on vinyl I admit); but Dalt is aware that you cannot meander on one theme for too long, drawing on the more easy listening of sounds, before anything too weird capitalises on its chance to take over.

Once again I am impressed with her work and for me she is one of the unsung heroes out there in the world of understated electronic and ambient music. A truly glorious release in its entirety.