SOFT RIOT: The Outsider in the Mirrors LP/CD/MC Possession Records

SOFT RIOT: The Outsider in the Mirrors      LP/CD/MC   Possession Records

With this, his sixth full-length album JJD brings another eclectic mix of music that draws on many an influence from the genre he has ingratiated himself within; through years of emulating artists he so obviously adores.

Touches of John Foxx and Fad Gadget are plainly evident; and whilst there is an argument that most of the artists from this scene are long gone, there is obviously still a hunger for this type of music.

The vocals are cold and on the lower end of the spectrum; and whilst being the weakest element to Soft Riot’s music, do work in the overall context.  Even if genre wise they have always been a key element; if anything, they do halt the project from teetering too much into the mainstream, which can only be a good thing.

Musically, this ticks all the boxes with off-key and paranoid synth patterns that add a peculiarity to the songs as a whole.  With the small resurgence of acts producing these kind of albums, there is a place for Soft Riot, alongside acts such as Wrangler and so forth to keep the nostalgia addicts happy.

Overall this is an enjoyable and easy listening experience that is well constructed and performed; regardless of the vocals being so forcibly deep in tone, where attention to harmony could have just topped this off.