EN: Already Gone CD Students of Decay

EN: Already Gone  CD Students of Decay

This is the second album from West Coast dream and drone merchants Maxwell Croy and James Devane, providing an uplifting, blissful array of Koto and pad work.

‘Already Gone’ has a gentle formula that brings with it images of a kaleidoscopic nature aurally speaking; unobtrusive and at a relaxing well thought out pace, as a whole release drifting on by track by track, seamlessly from start to finish.

Whilst being well put together, this isn’t the sort of album you can put on momentarily; you have to find some time to sit back and consume this as one whole representation of what they are trying to achieve, due to its hypnotic nature.  The negative aspect of this is that it is purely set at one dimension without much variation along the way and is therefore only going to make sense if you are in one mind-set for a great length of time.

There is numbing sensation that sets in midway, along with a kind of lethargy that will most likely suit those moments in time when you just want to shut yourself off from the world.  This is a decent attempt at a form of catharsis I would imagine and in a lot of respects hits its mark well, albeit down one linear route and feeling a little like unfinished business.