GLOWICKA: Seven Sonnets CD Arteksounds


GLOWICKA: Seven Sonnets     CD Arteksounds

Katarina Glowicka returns with a modern interpretation of Shakespeare’s ‘Sonnets’.   Accompanied by the Rubens Quartet and Arnon Zlotnik, she has infused the contemporary with modern technology, to produce an oddity that is peculiarly alluring.

The dramatic expression of love, beauty and morals does come across well throughout the seven tracks; and the operatic vocals add a haunting melodrama to the proceedings.  There is a touch of Antony and the Johnsons here and there and therefore; a heavy emotional slant rides the entirety of the release.

It’s safe to say, this will not be for everyone however.  As experimental as this is, it doesn’t match the highs of the excellent ‘Red Sun’, for example; where ambient drones gave the album a much-weighted midriff and the silence created an imposing noise all of its own.

That said; there is much to be enjoyed on this fundamentally solemn album.  The musicianship is second to none where the string sections are concerned; and the vocals are sung to near perfection.  Those who like their music flaunted as a tempered Neo-Classical apparition will find much to revel in here.