FLORIAN HECKER: Bregman/Deutsch/Hecker/Höller 2×10” Presto!

FLORIAN HECKER: Bregman/Deutsch/Hecker/Höller 2×10” Presto!

There was a point a long time ago when I had a lot of patience for inventive electronics and such like; there is a place in the world where art can transcend music and become something more than merely food for the ears, unfortunately this double vinyl release is neither.

Florian Hecker has had some ‘way out there’ releases before, plenty of them in fact; I just find this latest instalment a little too much to take in and unfortunately the well may have run dry.

The first slab of vinyl comprises of tracks, which take a simple nonsensical electronic set of notes and gradually speed them up and slow them down in a concertina effect; there is barely any thought to this and to be fair there isn’t anyone in the world who couldn’t put it together with the equipment placed in front of them.

Track three is a vocal sample cut quickly and the repeat button pressed; when this eventually stops a mass of electronics takes over and unfortunately it’s exactly the same format for track four.  Times have changed and there simply isn’t any need for this kind of talentless, thoughtless drivel; basically this is a waste of wax.

A lot of people would say that I simply do not get this release, that it’s a work of art and I do not understand what the artist is trying to convey; as stated before I used to have a lot of time for this kind of approach to sonic invention, but this is just too little, too late.

Maybe creating a reaction like mine is the whole point; if this truly is the case then well done Mr Hecker.  Personally I just think it’s pointless bollocks.