Ah, everyone’s latest dance-floor luvvies in a long line of fads and ready to be thrown away bands, such is the fickle nature of the anyone wearing day-glo, ‘don’t I look good in this ridiculous tutu?’ crowd.

Rocket science it aint, but yeah without a doubt its got all the bleeps and bounces in the right places for the kids and without a doubt they should lap this up.  Initially reminding me of ‘Seabound’ vocal wise and then running off in ‘The Horrorist’ territory by track two severely damages your hopes of being anything original and teeters off somewhere into yawnsome territory.

I have heard previous releases before anyone accuses me of just ripping someone, and to be honest this just seems a little by the numbers if truth be told and not as on the ball as older affairs.

I will stop the biting and say it hasn’t been badly put together at all, far from it.  However in the circles Faderhead associate themselves with, you have to judge what’s come before and whether a band will take it further and in this instance, I just can’t see it.

I had heard that Faderhead was giving it all up, which sounded a bit of a shame when on top, but then just like those boxers who should quit at their peak maybe it was the right time.  This is a solid release but feels like he is fighting in the final rounds and leaving it up to the scorecards.  Titles are there to be taken, not just doing what is necessary.