LARS LUNDEHAVE HANSEN: Recursive Abstractions MC/DL Tonometer

LARS LUNDEHAVE HANSEN: Recursive Abstractions  MC/DL Tonometer

This latest work from Denmark’s Hansen follows a similar path trodden on previous output, providing a comforting, familiar continuity to his work. It’s a formula that works effectively well, through varying degrees of light and shade; as ambient pads, dark and light, compliment each other without one overworking the other.

Numbing tones occasionally pitter-pat amongst a breathing aural landscape.  The numerically titled six tracks on offer play with a variety of emotions; occasionally throwing a curveball of distorted guitar noise into the mix, with cutting glitches to interrupt the momentum and solitude one feels whilst being submerged in the story being told.

Overall, this limited cassette (produced exclusively for Lars’ Canadian tour) is an aurally expansive and dramatic body of work that deserves a great deal of attention and praise; and is a prime example of the genre when it works at its finest.



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