CAN “KHAN” ORAL: Angels of Disguise CD&DVD Fantome

CAN “KHAN” ORAL: Angels of Disguise  CD&DVD Fantome

I sometimes wonder where the labels get the brass together to fund such output; this comes packaged as a limited book with the CD and DVD.  Once again though this is a collection where the format is worth more than the sum of its parts, with 26 tracks of unadulterated garbage.

Field recording upon field recording of pointless drivel, from the sound of machines humming away to some guy jerking off to porn, leaving a lot to be desired and quite ironic considering the album itself is complete wank.

As you can imagine, the DVD provides about as much entertainment as the album itself.  Confronted with such thought provoking imagery as slides of circles of light accompanied by the wretched musical montage that is ‘Audio Porn Megamix’, I was as bewildered as I was unimpressed; therefore I will place as much effort into my review as “Khan” put into this opportunity as a whole.