PIANO INTERRUPTED: Two By Four CD Days Of Being Wild

PIANO INTERRUPTED: Two By Four  CD Days Of Being Wild

London based pianist and composer Tom Hodge and French electronic wizard Franz Kiemann partner up here to release their debut full-length release ‘Two By Four’.

You Don’t Love Me Yet’, displays a splendid variety of genre crossing abilities.  The piano formulations vary from the emotionally charged, to Jazz with electronic smatterings kept to the bare minimum.  Subtly tearing into the audio at key points with orchestral interludes, this filters through into the aurally beautiful ‘Hobi’, with its brief urgencies and understated electronic bleeps and chimes.

There’s territory on here that from reading the bio, I am sure this duo haven’t realised they were treading water in.  ‘London Waltz’ and ‘Bulbus’ provide a gentle excursion into IDM quarters; and clever manipulations, cut up electronic bleeps and chops scatter the varying key notes with intricate footnotes, providing all the key ingredients lovers of this genre will appreciate.

Although there isn’t much else on the albums scale from what I have previously mentioned, I couldn’t have found a more fitting moniker than the one they have chosen for themselves as a collective.  Overall, this is an interesting album with brief flashes of brilliance, counterbalanced with compositional talent.