GREGG KOWALSKY: L’Orange, L’Orange LP/CD/MC Mexican Summer

GREGG KOWALSKY: L’Orange, L’Orange          LP/CD/MC   Mexican Summer

‘What does the sun sound like?’ asks the press release.  It’s a mystery that never crossed my mind and most likely one we will ever truly find out, if it’s worth asking at all.  No matter, as Kowalsky obliterates any questions that may be directed at himself, with an impressive conceptual 7-tracker that took me completely by surprise.

Warm summer enriched ambient is the order of the day here, with multi-layered pads that compliment each other as a fusion of pitch that sit on a bed of oven baked bass lines.  Lush, high-end pitter-patters are allowed to flow across a sea of ranging drones, never losing sight of essential melody.

‘L’Orange, L’Orange’ is a dreamy album; and one of those releases, which you really have to make some space and time for.  The rewards for the listener are endless here, once you allow yourself to be completely immersed in its tangerine, seamless folds.  It also gains kudos for an ability to have kept me transfixed from beginning to end; and I very nearly just hit ‘play’ once again, as the final notes reverberated out.