FROZEN OCEAN: The Dyson Swarm CD Kristallblut Records


FROZEN OCEAN: The Dyson Swarm CD Kristallblut Records

Hailing from Moscow, Vaarwel’s project Frozen Ocean has had numerous releases over the years; and up until this point I hadn’t actually heard any of his output, which is a surprise.

Opening up with an array of harmonious guitars on ‘Syzygy’, I was pleasantly taken aback as I was expecting something more down the Dark Ambient route. Things carry on in similar fashion with ‘CE-4’, with marching percussion, dramatic keyboards, and guitars filtering through from the Paradise Lost end of the scale. Vocals are kept far in the background as reverberating chambers of minimal harmonies to the odd flash of growls that wouldn’t be far removed from the Black Metal quarter.

One thing that Frozen Ocean has going for him, it is a good sense of melody, tempering any hints at aggression with a solid array of skills that with keyboard in partnership, possesses a progressive edge to his Rock influences.  Altogether the more ambient side of the project is carried with conviction and the choral vocals that arise in sections really capture an atmosphere and hold it well.

‘The Dyson Swarm’ in itself isn’t necessarily something I haven’t heard before. Indeed, in reality there are those out there that do it better, but as a whole this album wins in touching on various genres throughout and is constructed with vigour and a self-belief that really shines in all of its seven tracks.