BOY IS FICTON: s/t CD List Records

BOY IS FICTON: s/t CD  List Records

How do I put this?  If you are faint of heart, of have lost everything and feel like giving up, then this probably isn’t the album for you.  Beautifully mellow, this self titled debut crawls under your skin and aims for the soul;  it’s not direct, it’s not an all out assault on your senses.  It’s the way it oozes into your emotions and massages your heart urging you to just let it all go, while almost cruelly tethering the release so you cannot let things run away.

There is some lovely piano work on this album and I am a sucker for the ivories. BIF is absolutely dripping with emotion;  it’s the way it challenges memories of old and dares you to confront them and it can be tearful when its people you want to see and hold again.  Then again it could be because I am soft.

IDM would be lazy terminology and I don’t like to use it.  The closest this gets to that is the odd nod at Bitcrush and that’s where it stops.  This is pure emotional electronica and has the ability to drive sadness, despair, anger and the inevitability of being crushed out into the open and you are the judge to where you go next. Either way, BIF is a genuine accomplishment and I eagerly await the next installment.