EXPERIMENT HAYWIRE: Annihilation Chic CD Machinekunt

EXPERIMENT HAYWIRE: Annihilation Chic CD Machinekunt

This is touted as a full length album but is in effect a mini-album such is its structure.  What you do have is effectively a one woman project, which within industrial circles it really is a bit of a rarity nowadays;  slim pickings even.

Rachel Haywire conjures up a raw edged version of industrial electronic music that toys with slight punk anarchist overtones topped off with a vocal approach heading down the path of what I can best describe as ‘riot grrrl’.  It’s blatantly intentional and because of this doesn’t grate on me as much as it would have done had it been attempted by anybody else.  Yes it has been done before, yes it’s far from original but Haywire approaches this with a hell of a lot of belief and gusto and you can’t fault that one little bit.

Back to the whole mini-album thing I believe this is where this release could have been capitalised on.  There are a few short tracks and some remixes.  On balance you can lose a lot, where as on a full album you can find scope and range to evolve and in the short space of time where you get the original tracks on this disc, there is just a sense of track placement in no particular order . Then again this is an almost anarchistic couple of fingers in the air and probably adds to the ethics I have mentioned earlier.

Either way, there is a hell of a lot on this disc for a whole heap of people within the industrial scenes fragmented umbrella, and it certainly beats some of the other acts coming from a similar outlook, that just follow the formulaic path of half the ‘Noise Terror’ (please shoot me-who the fuck invented that ludicrous terminology?) acts out there.