CHRISTIAN DEATH: Six Six Sixth Communion CD Cleopatra Records

CHRISTIAN DEATH: Six Six Sixth Communion CD Cleopatra Records

Help!  No really, help me.  I thought Cleopatra had stopped subjecting the world to bundles of pointless releases years ago.  I was wrong and feel that all that was good and true has been destroyed.

This is yet again, a cash-in on old tracks by a post-punk-cum-goth band that were better on paper than by what they produced.  Sure I like ‘Only Theatre of Pain’ as much as the next old has been, but this is a pure charade in milking time down at Goth farming central.

I adore tracks such as Romeo’s Distress, but even this nothing short of a raping of the ears, such is the horrendous recording and all but missing mastering attempt at making something sound like treacle, in a closed tub, miles away, in a cave that you will never visit, with nothing but bats sat around crying being subjected to this tripe, wishing they had alternative accommodation and seriously considering having serious words with the laws of nature for making them blind, whilst leaving their ears open to this kind of aural terrorism.

Sorry this really is a struggle to review and isn’t as relevant as the press surrounding it would have you believe.  If you like Christian Death’s early works you will have the original versions of these tracks anyway and this is just a waste of depleting oil supplies in our all but on it’s arse planet.