BLOOD AXIS: Born Again CD Storm Records

BLOOD AXIS: Born Again CD Storm Records

Not heard from this bunch in a while, so getting past the standard cheesy intro it was down to business.

I am used to Blood Axis being ever so dodgy, with beards and politics alike; but I also expected something a little more aggressive as opposed to the rather wet ‘Song of the Comrade’, with its annoying accordion and bodhran sections seeming to go on for an entire age.

What can we do to really irritate people?  I will tell you what; rant on alongside what I think is a badly played bagpipe that’s what. There’s more than enough capability in certain sections that could have made for excellent listening and it’s not through lack of being able to play their instruments, it’s the shoddy song composition and self indulgence that just stinks badly.

You know what would have saved this album? They seem to have a decent female vocalist in Annabel Lee, why she wasn’t utilised as much as she could have been is anyone’s guess…instead we just get repeats of Michael Moynihan droning on and on basking in his own self importance.

‘Born Again’ is just thoroughly annoying and irritating from start to finish.  Beautifully packaged in a six-panel digi-pack and booklet this just has become a waste of oil and card.  I lost my patience with some members of this scene some time ago and while the classics are still great, this just hammers one more tired nail into the coffin that is highly prolific artists producing talentless twaddle.