JOHN CHANTLER; Still Light, Outside LP/CD 1703 Skivbolaget


JOHN CHANTLER; Still Light, Outside LP/CD 1703 Skivbolaget

Chantler’s fourth album is a tale of two halves.  Over a four-month period, he made several hours worth of raw recordings of pipe organ in London, at Hackney’s St John’s; and then processed these in the studio with additional electronics at a later date.

The end result is a monolithic barrage of distorted and bombastic drones; that are densely layered and processed into a wall of resonating pitches and harmonics.  With a shape-shifting array of arpeggio’s and noise, the title track’s sub bass rumblings set as the foundation to a skyscraper of ranging ambient that reverberates with furious abandon.

The latter three tracks of this four-song album (‘The Long Shadow of Decline parts I-III’), thematically tie themselves together; incorporating a different tone and feel to their opening companion.  Wire-like electronic sources feed their way through the mix and make for a visceral counterpart to the gentle hums of the organ; and each component in the tale provides a different interpretation of events.

All in all, this is a decent addition to John Chantler’s discography; with many a string to his bow there is much to be absorbed here for any self-respecting Dark Ambient, Drone and Noise fan alike.