MIRA DREVO: Heavens of Lakes CD BioSonar EleKtro / Zhelezobeton


MIRA DREVO: Heavens of Lakes  CD BioSonar EleKtro / Zhelezobeton

Mira Drevo aka: Skald composed this release after becoming inspired on his many travels around Ladoga Lake where he resides.  Utilising a varying degree of instrumentation from field recordings to synthesizers and organic instrumentation, he has produced breathing and melodic interpretations of naturist intent.

‘Heavens of Lakes’ pretty much is what it says on the tin so to speak.  Skald has a formula and stuck to it religiously.  Thing is, whilst seven minutes is an appropriate time for a good ambient track, this opening gambit felt like it was going on for an eternity, with a tendency to linger too much on the same tack.

The rest of this album, whilst effectively produced lacks variety.  The same synth sound is used throughout, with varying degrees of tantric intersections that do little to vary the overall mix enough.  This is a real shame because initial ideas that the artist seemed to utilise on track one (I can’t understand the track titles as they’re not in English-no biggy though) seems to have been replayed over and over again.  I understand that this is Skald’s own personal utopia to dwell in and I can feel his catharsis.  However, there is little on this release to let others in and in turn this becomes a solitary journey where you feel you are the invader, as opposed to the invited.